Government powers handed to army as Hosni Mubarak resigns

Anti-Mubarak Protests

President Hosni Mubarak has resigned, handing the Egyptian government to the Supreme Council of the military. Photo Credit: Takver/

Crowds of protesters in Egypt are rejoicing as president Hosni Mubarak resigns. Mubarak and his family left Cairo for their residence at Sharm el-Sheikh, a resort town on the Red Sea coast of the Sinai Peninsula.Vice President Omar Suleiman announced he had resigned and left government to the military.

Governmental powers placed in hands of Egyptian army

After more than two weeks of protests, pro-democracy factions in Egypt have been handed a victory as embattled president Hosni Mubarak has resigned from his post, according to Al Jazeera. After Mubarak’s speech on Thursday night, many believed he would never resign and a coup d’etat would become necessary, but his resignation was announced the following morning. Vice President Omar Suleiman, to whom Mubarak had transferred many of his powers as president, made the announcement on Friday morning that Mubarak had resigned as president and handed the reins of Egypt over to the Supreme Council, the governing body of the Egyptian military.

Announcement made after Mubarak left

Before the announcement was made by Vice President Omar Suleiman, it was confirmed that Mubarak and his family had left Cairo. Mubarak left via a military airport to the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, which is located on the coast of the Red Sea in the Sinai Peninsula. Mubarak and his family have a vacation estate there. Mubarak had made some concessions to protesters, but they failed to appease them, and he seemed determined not to resign. Mohamed El-Baradei, a key figure in the opposition movement to Mubarak, hailed his resignation as “the greatest day in my life,” and said Egypt had been “liberated after decades of repression,” according to MSNBC.

Military desires orderly transition to new government

Egypt’s army has made it clear that its priority was for the situation to remain calm and orderly. The military has promised to repeal the controversial emergency powers laws that grant broad powers to the government in times of crisis, according to ABC. The laws were passed after the assassination of Anwar Sadat, whom Mubarak succeeded. Tahrir Square, or Liberation Square, has changed its tone from anger at Mubarak’s defiance of the will of the people to jubilation.


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