Motorola Droid Tips: Read the User Manual

Motorola Droid tips digest

I know what you’re thinking after reading a title that says “read the user manual.” Why would you thumb through pages and pages of lame text when you could just look up what to do on the Internet?

While reading the owner’s manual for Motorola Droid tips is the most obvious way to understand how to use your new device, it certainly isn’t the most fun or the most efficient. So, in the spirit of giving people what they want, here are some Motorola Droid tips that will make it easier to use that hot new gadget that you’ll be paying off installment loans for in the next few weeks.

Quick launch

One of my favorite things about my archaic cell phone — which is small but has no camera or Internet capability — is that when I push the call button, it pulls up the 10 phone numbers I’ve called most recently. Using Quick Launch on the Motorola Droid is a similar idea, but it pulls up the applications you’ve used most recently.

In order to use the Quick Launch function, hold down the “home” button.” The six apps you’ve used most recently will pop up on your screen. Let’s see, mine would probably include Facebook, Twitter, mp3 player … kind of like my web history on my personal computer. Sounds like a handy feature.

Beware battery drainage

One of the features touted on the Motorola Droid commercials was its interchangeable batteries. This feature is necessary because if you’re using your Motorola droid for its intended purpose — as though it’s a tiny computer — it’ll go though battery much faster than a regular cell phone.

It makes sense. I only have to charge my cell phone every two or three days, but my laptop runs out of battery after just a couple of hours. The battery for the Motorola Droid lasts a lot longer two hours, but a lot less than two days. Think of your Motorola Droid like a laptop: you have to plug it in or switch the batteries if you’re going to be using it constantly for several hours. Tech Banyan warns:

Be careful when using a pouch holster for your new Motorola Droid.  If it contains magnetics, it may turn your Motorola Droid on “car mode.” This will eat up your battery life quicker than you think.

More Motorola Droid tips

For additional Motorola Droid tips, read “10 Tips for Your Motorola Droid,” from Tech Banyan. For specific battery-charging Motorola Droid tips, hit up PressZoom. To read, share, comment or otherwise geek out in general on Motorola Droid tips, check out Android Forums.

As its name indicates, Android Forums is a space for chatting about all Android phones — smartphones that operate on the Google Android processor. So far, the big ones are, of course, the American-made Motorola Droid and its cheaper, slower Taiwanese cousin the Droid Eris, made by HTC. For more Motorola Droid tips, you can find the user manual online by going to the Google homepage on your Droid and clicking the blue button in the upper right-hand corner.

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