Mortgage delinquencies decline, but foreclosures rise

Foreclosed home

Foreclosures rose during the past few months, but the number of mortgage delinquencies declined. Image: Brendel/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

The number of mortgage delinquencies has declined, but the number of foreclosures has risen. Though loan lenders can rejoice over more borrowers making payments, the inventory of foreclosed properties is at a record high. However, this may be a sign that foreclosures will slow in the future.

Foreclosure inventory nears all time high

The number of foreclosed properties loan lenders retain has hit an all time high, according to Bloomberg. A report was recently released by the Mortgage Bankers Association detailing the economic trends in real estate, and the number of foreclosed homes had risen to 4.63 percent of all mortgages at the end of the fourth quarter of 2010, which ended Sept. 30, 2010. The number of foreclosed properties is nearly the highest on record.  That figure had risen from 4.36 percent at the end of the third quarter of 2010. At that time, nearly 14 percent of all mortgage loans, or one in seven, were in foreclosure or homeowners were behind on payments to their loan company.

Delinquencies decline

Though the number of foreclosed properties has risen, the number of delinquencies has fallen. From July to December, 2010, the number of bank loans that were one payment behind dropped from 9.13 percent to 8.22 percent, according to CNN. Mortgage delinquencies have therefore dropped to the December 2007 rate, which marked the beginning of the recession. Seriously delinquent loans, or mortgage payments at least 90 days past due, declined from 5.02 percent in March of 2010 to 3.63 percent in December, 2010. This means more people are getting payday cash, and able to make payments.

Foreclosures stalled for now

The controversy over improper foreclosure procedures, or the “robo signing” affair, has led to a temporary slowing of foreclosures, but that may reverse itself as those issues are resolved. Florida is still the state most affected by foreclosure, with more than 14 percent of all homes in foreclosure. Mississippi had the highest delinquency rate, with 13.3 percent of homes behind at least one payment.




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