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Do Your Groundwork

Auto and mortgage loans require some homework before you get started. There are numerous secured and unsecured loan options out there. (Photo:

Auto and mortgage loans require some homework before you get started. There are numerous secured and unsecured loan options out there. (Photo:

A review of credit scores must be done by the consumers planning to request either a mortgage loan or an auto loan. The credit scores of an individual are among the primary factors that decide the eligibility for the loan. While a good credit score can get you the loan easily, a bad score can either mean loans with exorbitant interest rates or even denial. A person can request a free credit report annually from any of the three main credit agencies. The report thus obtained will show the credit worthiness of the individual.

Types of Loans

Once the credit rating is determined, the next step is to decide on the type of loan to opt for. When it comes to mortgage loans, the consumers can choose from either a fixed rate mortgage loan or adjustable rate mortgage loan. Secured loans and unsecured loans are the two options that consumers have when it comes to auto loans. There is also the aspect of indirect and direct financing that needs to be considered. With so many options available, a thorough groundwork is needed to find a loan that best suits your budget and needs.

Budget Carefully

Consumers who are buying a house for the first time should especially keep this point in mind while making their decision. The monthly payment for the mortgage loan or auto loan should not exceed 30 percent of total monthly income. This will help provide a cushion during unforeseen circumstances. While there are loans programs that cap the limit at 31 percent, there are many others that allow consumers to go beyond this point. Hence, considering this carefully before making a final choice is a must.

Set Realistic Expectations

Setting sky-high expectations for the car and home under consideration is another common mistake that is made by many buyers who are purchasing these items for the first time. Most of them end up choosing houses in an expensive neighborhood and are willing to pay through the nose to own it. Though these might seem well within reach initially, you will begin to realize the pinch in a few months. This is the reason most financial analysts recommend chalking out expectations from your house or car and then comparing it against the budget allotted for it. In addition to this, take the eligibility limit into account too. Considering these factors beforehand will also help avoid disappointments.

Compare the Details

Consumers requesting mortgage or auto loans should get quotes from more than one financial institution. Since these loans are the biggest loans one might ever borrow in the lifetime, comparing these quotes with each other allows them to weigh the pros and cons of each quote carefully before arriving at a decision.

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