Bikini-Clad Morgan Haley Arrested For Carjacking, Assault

Hot time, summer in the city

Morgan Haley, aka Bikini Bandit (Photo:

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Apparently, even people who have decided that obtaining material wealth via illegal means (which I definitely do not endorse) is a good course of action have taken to trying to stand apart from the maddening crowd. Morgan Haley attempted a carjacking with a natural weapon she must have figured would disarm drivers and help her keep her cool during the summer heat of Memphis, Tennessee. Her weapon was… a bikini.

But the driver was… a woman

It didn’t matter, however. Yolanda Jones reports for that Morgan Haley, 24, has been arrested and taken to jail. Her bond was set at $6,000. Her crime consisted of forcing a female driver from her car, then she used that car to drive to an RV dealership, where she attempted a robbery of the business. The charges include carjacking charges and “two counts of assault by physical fear,” according to Jones.

What, no gun or knife?

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As it turns out, the owner of the vehicle did not see a weapon. “The suspect, wearing only a bikini, approached and threatened her to get out of her car,” said Southaven Police Chief Tom Long. “Fearing for her children, she got out of the car with her kids, and then the suspect left the scene in the car.” I’d say the car itself could have been used as a self-defense weapon, but perhaps I’ve got a bit too much Mad Max in me.

As stated, Morgan Haley promptly drove a few blocks to the Southhaven RV Center. “Once inside the RV center, she approached employees with something under a towel resembling a weapon and told them it was a robbery,” said Long Apparently she hadn’t made the “weapon” visible during the actual carjacking.

What’s that under the towel?

Haley wasted no time in attempting to take control of the situation, however. I say attempt because she was eventually restrained by employees. You see, Morgan Haley had ordered everyone onto the floor with her supposed weapon (it was unclear at the time exactly what it was that Haley had under that towel, although it isn’t surprising that most responded as if she had a gun. Honestly, is that a chance that’s wise to take, particularly if you aren’t trained in subduing suspects and you have a family at home that depends on you?

Yet one person decided to call Morgan Haley’s bluff. This prompted her to assault the male employee. In the ensuing scuffle, however, Haley was restrained long enough for police to arrive. No weapon was found, yet the authorities have said that Morgan Haley “may face additional charges as the investigation continues.”

Desperate times don’t always require desperate measures

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