When You Need Money Now a Great Resume can Help

When You Need Money Now a Great Resume can Help

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Putting Yourself Back Out There

Money now is in short supply for many people and, because of this, a lot of them are considering taking on a second job or are in the position of having to find a new one. Many of the people who are hitting the job market these days have not had to look for a job in many years. In such cases a resume can often use some dusting off and polishing, or possibly a complete revamp. It can be a bit intimidating to get back into the resume writing process, but with a bit of guidance the process can go a lot smoother.

Start with the Basics

The first thing, and possibly the most important to keep in mind is to tailor your resume to suit each position you are requesting. A great thing to do is to create a basic template with the layout you prefer and all of your basic information. Then, each time you want to request a job you can add in extra details that are fitted to the position and delete anything that is unnecessary. Try not to let your need for money now cause you to rush through the process.

Laying the Foundation

If you are going to start from scratch you will first need to choose a layout that is easy to read and gives all of your important information upfront. There are many free resume templates available online. Some are certainly better than others, but there are a lot of great options. Try to choose something that fits the style of the type of job you are requesting. If you are requesting a very formal position you will want to choose something classic; if you are requesting somewhere more modern, you will likely want to find a more cutting edge design. Make sure that no matter which design you choose your contact information is easy to find and that the rest of the details flow in a logical sequence. Also, be sure to keep the same format throughout.

Give them a Reason to Hire You

Once you have the bare bones in place you will want to adjust your template to include information that is specific to the job you are requesting. If you have past experience in the same area, make sure that those details are included and are prominent on the resume. This experience need not be professional. If you have not had a previous paid position in the area, including any volunteer time can be a great asset as well. If you have education, training or relevant life experience, be sure to include those elements too.

Keep it Simple and to the Point

In most cases, employers do not want to read a long resume. They want to be able to see all of your qualifications and contact information in a clear, concise format. Try not to bog your resume down by adding irrelevant information or by embellishing details. While making money now may be at the forefront of your mind, if you are unqualified for a job it is probably best to look elsewhere rather than getting into a situation where you do not know what you are doing. Be open to a wide range of possibilities and you will be on your way.

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