Muskegon Heights Police investigated over missing money

The Muskegon Heights Police Department is under investigation by Michigan State Police for allegedly stealing missing money from a property room.

Missing money, you say? Maybe the Muskegon Heights Police Department knows something about it? (Photo: Policepay Update)

Missing money or unclaimed money that comes into the possession of a police department during criminal investigations is typically kept safely in the police department’s property/evidence room. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about that. However, if that missing money disappears for no good reason, the winds of suspicion begin to blow. In this case, they’re blowing over Lake Michigan, and the Muskegon Heights Police department is under investigation by Michigan State Police because some missing money and unclaimed money from the property room has been claimed by parties unknown, reports Michigan Live. Needless to say, the people of the small town of 12,000-plus that sits on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan and is 200 miles west of Detroit don’t know whether their law enforcement can be trusted.

That missing money isn’t exactly unclaimed money now

Rather than obtaining unclaimed money through honest means like no fax loans, allegations are that the Muskegon Heights Police department (certain officers, to be specific) have skimmed off the top of the missing money in evidence. Muskegon Heights does have a relatively low per capita income ($12,456 per Wikipedia), so needing more money is understandable. However, law enforcement officials must not abuse the public trust. The missing money and unclaimed money investigation by Michigan State Police is intended to help repair whatever damage may have been done.

The investigation request came from acting Muskegon Heights police chief

Ron Rake, who back in March 2010 was the acting chief of the Muskegon Heights Police Department, requested the investigation. Interestingly, Rake recently resigned from the department and became a deputy for the Muskegon County Sheriff, says Michigan Live. A department press release indicated that the Michigan State Police had “received an audit of some possible discrepancies” that pointed toward missing money from the property room on the Muskegon Heights Police Department. Michigan State Police wish to “safeguard the integrity of the investigative process” at this time to ensure impartiality, which means that they won’t be releasing any information until their missing money investigation is complete. At that time, the Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office will review the findings and decide whether it will be necessary to file criminal charges against any members of the Muskegon Police Department.

What would you think if police in your city did this?

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