Chilean miners’ rescue draws closer


The miners' rescue will be simple, as they are hauled 622 meters by winch to the surface. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Recently, it was disclosed that the Chilean miners’ rescue was close. The rescue is set to begin at midnight on Tuesday, Oct. 12. The Chilean miners have been trapped in the mine for the past two months after a collapse. A shaft was drilled down to the trapped miners to create a line for food and other supplies. A shaft for a rescue vehicle has been slowly drilled for weeks. The rescue shaft has finally reached the chamber where the men are located.

Miners’ rescue imminent

The trapped Chilean miners have been sitting in a large chamber in the mine for more than two months, but the miners’ rescue is soon to begin. A rescue shaft has been drilled slowly since a supply line was first drilled. The men have had to receive care packages and communicate through a tube about the size of a softball. The rescue shaft, which will lower and raise a rescue cage, has finally reached the chamber the miners have been residing in, according to the Christian Science Monitor. The rescue should begin at midnight, on Tuesday, Oct. 12. To reach the surface, the miners will be hauled up in a cage through a 622 meter shaft, about 2,000 feet, by a winch with a 1-inch steel cable.

Rescue waiting on concrete to set

The rescue cannot begin until the concrete for the base of the rescue shaft hardens sufficiently, according to CNN. A procedure has been set for the miners’ rescue. Those with the greatest technical knowledge will be extracted first. Those with the most health problems will be second. The most emotionally and physically stable will be last. The Chilean government is asking for supporters that aren’t family and friends and the media to allow them to recuperate privately. Each mine rescue will take about 15 minutes to get one man to the surface.

Three months without sunlight

The miners will be airlifted to a nearby hospital once rescued. They will be monitored for a few days and released if well enough. The men were first discovered alive on Aug. 22, after a collapse. The 33 men have been waiting since then.



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