Milwaukee flooding devastates Northern Midwest

Flood on the Danube

Photo of flooding on the Danube. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Flooding in Milwaukee, Wis. has caused near catastrophic damage. The city was hammered with over five inches of rain, which has caused flooding in Milwaukee and other areas. A sinkhole opened in downtown Milwaukee, and the airport has been closed down as the runways were flooded. All flights in or out of Milwaukee have been grounded. The city is being hammered with torrential rainfall, as the summer monsoon season throughout the South and Midwest is getting underway.

Sinkhole opened in downtown Milwaukee

The rain and consequent flooding caused a massive sinkhole to open in the street in downtown Milwaukee. Milwaukee sinkhole pictures are available on the Chicago Tribune website, among others. A 25-foot hole opened in the ground which swallowed a Cadillac Escalade and a traffic light. Some areas in Milwaukee have reported up to a foot of rainfall since Wednesday, July 21. More flood warnings are in effect for the weekend of July 23 to 25. A flood warning is also in effect in northern Illinois.

Milwaukee airport flooded

One of the few avenues for emergency exit from the rain-battered city has been closed by the Milwaukee weather. The Milwaukee airport, General Mitchell International Airport, has grounded all flights. The runways are submerged in several inches of water. Some flights may resume on Friday, but more thunderstorms are due to occur throughout the weekend. There is also a great deal of heat. The flood gates had to be opened on Lake Michigan, as untreated sewage flooding into the lake forced authorities to close the beaches.

Hot and heavy weather

A high-pressure system on the Gulf Coast has forced a blast of hot and humid air north into the eastern U.S., and a heat advisory was issued for 17 states by the National Weather Service. Aside from the thunderstorms, there were 16 tornadoes reported throughout Wisconsin, though damage was not extensive. There is also Tropical Storm Bonnie approaching, which has caused the evacuation of ships dealing with the Gulf oil spill. This might be a good time to think about moving to Colorado.

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