Mexico tunnel discovery a drop in the drug smuggling bucket

drug smuggling passageway

The Mexico tunnel between Tijuana and San Diego linked drug smuggling operations with a passageway the length of six football fields. Image; CC lostajy/Flickr

The Mexico tunnel isn’t a new public works project from the Department of Transportation. The Mexico tunnel is a marijuana smuggling passageway linking San Diego and Tijuana. The Feds came down on the 1,800-foot long Mexico tunnel this week and seized 30 tons of pot.

Mexico tunnel likely dug by drug cartel

The Mexico tunnel linked warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana where drug smugglers stored their stash. The sophistication of the Mexico tunnel and the cost of digging it suggests that the operation is associated with a Mexican drug cartel. A Drug Enforcement Agency investigation began Tuesday when DEA agents noticed a suspicious looking semi truck leaving a warehouse in an industrial area near the Mexican border. The truck was stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint and 10 tons of marijuana were in the trailer. DEA agents then raided the warehouse and found another 10 to 15 tons of weed.

Pot seized worth $20 million

The Mexico tunnel was discovered when DEA agents looking inside a closet found a small opening in the floor. They found a lighted, ventilated passageway complete with a rail system running 20 feet underground about the length of six football fields to another warehouse in Mexico. Mexican authorities were alerted and another 4 tons of marijuana were seized south of the border. The DEA estimates marijuana it confiscated is worth $20 million on the street.

Not much of a dent in drug traffic

The Mexico tunnel is one of many discovered since a crackdown on drug smuggling has forced the drug cartels underground. Last month Mexican authorities seized 150 tons of marijuana in Tijuana, the largest drug bust in Mexican history. The Christian Science Monitor, however, questioned whether or not the recent seizures would make a difference in stemming the torrent of illegal drugs flowing across the border from Mexico into the U.S. Sara Miller of the Monitor wrote that the mega-busts were no more than a PR victory for the Mexican government. Her comments prompted the Mexican U.S. ambassador to write Miller an angry letter.


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