Video of Melodi Dushane McNugget rampage becomes public record

closeup of chicken nuggets

CC by Yoppy/Flickr.

Earlier this year, Melodi Dushane went on a drive-through rampage that was caught on tape. The tape of the attack, in which Melodi Dushane punched two workers and broke the drive-through window, became public record today. The video, posted below, shows an admittedly drunk Melodi Dushane freaking out over the lack of Chicken McNuggets.

Melodi Dushane New Year’s Day attack

Early in the morning on New Year’s Day 2010, Melodi Dushane visited a McDonald’s in Toledo, Ohio. She ordered Chicken McNuggets, but they were not currently available because it was breakfast hours. Dushane discussed this with several of the employees in the McDonald’s, then attacked them. Melodi Dushane is shown punching and slapping two workers, then breaking the glass of the drive-through window.

See the Melodi Dushane video

Melodi Dushane’s sentencing

Melodi Dushane was eventually charged with vandalism and assault. She originally pleaded not guilty to the charges. In the end, Dushane was sentenced to 60 days in jail and had to pay for the broken window at the McDonald’s. During her legal battles, Melodi Dushane admitted that she was drunk at the time of the attack. This one drunken rampage may very well end up costing Melodi Dushane several thousand dollars in legal costs.

The debate over making evidence public

There is a strong debate going on in some legal circles about the struggle between the public’s right to know and individual rights. It used to be that when evidence related to court cases was made public, people had to actively seek it out. Now, when evidence is made public, it is often spread around the world in moments. While the right to know of the public is usually considered reason enough to release these items, some worry that it could be violating the rights of individuals who have served their time for their crimes.

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