Meet your Fitness Resolutions even with No Cash Now

Meet your Fitness Resolutions even with No Cash Now

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Does Your Fitness Resolution have to Cost a Fortune?

With New Year’s approaching many people are beginning to think about resolutions, but many of them require you to have cash now. One popular resolution at this time of year is to start exercising and get in shape. There are many different ways to go about accomplishing this goal and many of them cost money; gym memberships, exercise studios, personal trainers and sports equipment can all cost a small fortune and what if you end up not liking the chosen form of exercise. It can be tough parting with so much money for something you may not even enjoy, especially in tough financial times. Fortunately, there are options for keeping costs down and still meeting fitness objectives.

Work up a Sweat at Home

There are a wide variety of exercise programs available on DVD. The price of an exercise DVD is usually quite low and is a onetime cost, although if you enjoy the program and can afford to, you may want to purchase a few from a series to mix things up so that you do not get bored. Some of these programs require you to have additional exercise equipment and others do not. If you do not want to spend any extra money on additional items do not worry; there are still fantastic ways to get a good workout with just an exercise routine.

Build Your Core

Pilates is a great way to tone your muscles and improve your overall health. There are plenty of Pilates programs on DVD and many of them are available in a series so that you can choose ones that interest you and are appropriate for your level of expertise. One of the great things about Pilates is that is uses the resistance of your own body weight to work your muscles, so you needn’t spend a lot of money to do Pilates. Sure, there are fancy Pilates studios you can attend and they will cost you a lot of money, but you can get some very good basic DVDs that will get you started on the right foot without costing you a lot of cash now. Just pay close attention and get the technique down before you move on to more advanced stuff.

Hit the Pavement…or the Track

If you live near a track or park with running paths, then running can be a good option (you can also run on the sidewalk, but it can be harder on your body.) Running is a fantastic cardio workout and also does not require a lot of equipment to get started. A good pair of running shoes and some comfortable, breathable clothes are really the only necessities required for running. If you find that you enjoy running there are many other items that you can add to enhance your workout.

Get Out and have Fun

Perhaps all you really want to do is to work off some energy and get out of the house for a while. If this is the case, why not organize weekly or bi-weekly touch football games at the park, basketball games at an outdoor court, badminton in your backyard or volleyball at the beach. Whatever your choice, you will enjoy time with friends and get some much needed exercise. Getting in shape does not have to cost a lot of cash now.

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