No McRib locator needed on Nov. 2 | The sandwich is back


The McRib sandwich has been making random appearances for years. Image: Flickr / eprater / CC-BY

There is almost no fast food product that elicits the excitement and frustration of the McRib sandwich. The sandwich is usually offered at random outlets at random times. For about six weeks, starting on Nov. 2, McDonald’s will offer the McRib at all stores – no McRib locator needed.

The appeal of a McRib

A McRib sandwich from McDonald’s is about as far away from true ribs as one can get. A chopped, processed and pressed pork patty is fried and placed on a bun with barbecue sauce, pickles and onions. There are some who claim the McRib is actually a “mystery meat,” while others believe that it is truly pork. Either way, the McRib has a strong fan base that will use a McRib locator and drive hours either direction just to buy the McDonald’s creation. But from Nov. 2 to mid-December, they won’t have to.

Where McRib will be offered

There is a McRib locator that fans can use to find the sandwich. On Nov. 2, 2010, however, McDonald’s will be offering the McRib at all stores. The McRib is not offered with any particular promotion or holiday, as far as fans can tell. On average, a McRib sells about 20 million sandwiches per year — compared to 500 million Big Macs. To McDonald’s, these numbers are merely a drop in the bucket.

Why McRib is elusive

According to McDonald’s representatives, the McRib is offered only sporadically for exactly one reason: It doesn’t sell well when it’s offered year-round as a standard menu item. It appears the McRib craze may be purely the result of the fact that people want what they can’t have. This will be the first time in more than 16 years that the McRib will be offered nationwide. Whether you think that the McRib is an aberration of nature, or the best thing ever, the McRib is a big deal. So do you plan on making a special trip to taste the McRib?

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