McDonald’s hiring spree will produce 50,000 jobs on April 19

Outside a McDonald's location in Adelaide, Australia. The Golden Arches symbol is clearly visible atop the advertising sign.

McDonald's will hire 50,000 people on April 19. (Photo Credit: CC BY/David Neubert/Flickr)

McDonald’s is doing its share to melt through the recession hiring freeze, reports MSNBC. On April 19, through its U.S. stores and website, McDonald’s will hold a hiring spree event in which as many as 50,000 people will be hired. The company acknowledged that the hiring spree has been made possible by improved business on the domestic front.

McDonald’s hiring spree boosts workforce 7 percent

All positions, from restaurant workers to senior managers, will be involved in the McDonald’s hiring spree, which will boost the chain’s total workforce by 7 percent to approximately 700,000. On average, that will equate to three or four new hires per restaurant.

On the money

Estimates by a California State University professor indicate that McDonald’s wages and salaries will increase by more than $518 million in 2011. That will also translate into $54 million in additional payroll taxes and nearly $1.4 billion in annual expenditure, or $3.5 million per day, reports FOX Business.

The numbers bode well for the U.S. job market as a whole, writes FOX. Currently on a warming trend, the U.S. job market added 216,000 jobs in March after taking on 192,000 in February. In the private sector, 230,000 new jobs were created in March after a 240,000-job infusion the previous month.

The 24-hour goal for the Golden Arches

McDonald’s currently operates 14,000 restaurants across the U.S., 90 percent of which are administered by franchisees. The McDonald’s hiring spree (alternately called “McDonald’s Hiring Day”) will enable more of those restaurants to remain open 24 hours per day. Such is the case with the 111 Golden Arches locations in southern Nevada, where the unemployment rate is currently 13.7 percent – 14.2 percent in Las Vegas – and 193,000 Nevadans are unemployed.

McDonald’s Co-op Vice President Ron Smith is well aware of the difficult job landscape.

“We feel that it’s very important, especially in light of the critical economic situation, that we put as many people as possible back to work,” he said.

Even though McDonald’s jobs in Nevada will be part time, benefits like free meals and flexible schedules will help people who are struggling financially.

A strong foundation

McDonald’s USA President Jan Fields affirmed via a statement how important employees are to the success of the company.

“Our restaurant employees are the foundation of our business. They are the men and women who interact with our customers every day, enhance the McDonald’s experience and continue to help make our business strong,” she said.

For additional information about the McDonald’s hiring spree, see the McDonald’s Careers website or visit your local McDonald’s restaurant. Consumers must be at least 16 years old.


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McDonald’s hiring spree set for April 19

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