Mcafee Virus | Mcafee DAT 5958 reports false svchost.exe virus

Blue screen of death on a Windows PC

If you used the Mcafee DAT 5958 virus update this morning, your computer may be giving you the blue screen of death. Image from Flickr.

Users of Mcaffe Virus scanning software who updated their definition files this morning to Mcafee DAT 5958 found themselves in the unfortunate situation of getting a false svchost.exe virus report. There is no reason to get payday loans online to pay for a computer expert to fix the Mcafee virus, though. Instead, Mcafee DAT 5958 has already been replaced by the company, and the issue workaround is relatively simple.

Mcafee virus hit at 6 a.m.

At 6 a.m. on April 21, McCafee released its virus-definition update DAT 5958. Once this Mcafee 5958 file was downloaded, however, users of Windows XP got a report that they had an svchost.exe virus. The suspected file, though, was not a virus, but an essential Windows XP operating system file. Any user who chose to quarantine or “fix” the problem ended up with a blue screen or a shutdown computer.

Mcafee virus fixes

As soon as Mcafee virus scanner users began reporting the Mcafee virus issues, the company jumped into high gear. DAT file 5959 was released within hours, and was made available on the Mcaffee virus Security Updates page. If you did not take immediate action when your computer reported an svchost.exe virus, you may just need to update your Mcafee DAT 5958 file to DAT 5959 to fix the issue. Keeping your virus definitions file – DAT file – updated is usually a very good idea, and you should ensure you have the DAT 5959 file if you do run Mcafee virus scanning software.

Fixing the Mcafee virus

If you did quarantine or “fix” the Mcafee virus or svchost.exe virus after your Mcaffe virus scanner updated this morning, then you may want to fix your computer before requesting a low rate personal loan. There is no immediate security risk to the Mcafee virus, but it can cause your Windows XP computer to shut down or quit working. Two full walkthroughs of solutions to the Mcafee virus are available on the Mcafee virus website. Most installations of Mcafee should automatically update, though it will take a few hours for all download servers to distribute the updated file.

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