Mass Save rebate | Masssave sets up second website

Old freezer in a basement

Replacing old freezers (and other appliances) could get you money from the Mass Save rebate program. Image from Flickr.

This morning, Massachusetts residents who tried to log into the Mass Save rebate website,, discovered that the Masssave rebates website was down. Ouch. The Mass Save rebates agency quickly responded, though, by setting up a second mirror website where Masssave rebates can be reserved. Funding for the Mass Save rebates program is limited, so it may be worth getting payday loans fast credit check to ensure you get your Masssave rebate.

Mass Save rebate application goes down

The Masssave rebate program works on a reservation system. Reservations are done through the web, and at 10 a.m. this morning, when Masssave reservations were supposed to begin, website had crashed from traffic. In order to claim your Masssave rebate, you need to log into the mirror Masssave website that was set up to handle the web traffic. Like many other state appliance rebate programs, the Mass Save program is expected to go very quickly.

Qualifying Masssave appliances

The Masssave appliance rebate program is set up to provide rebates to customers who replace old appliances with new, Energy Star rated, efficient appliances. The Mass Save rebates program returns $250 for dishwashers, $200 for fridges, $175 for clothes washers, and $50 for freezers. In order to qualify for the Masssave money, the new appliance has to be delivered, and documentation that the old appliance was hauled away for recycling has to be provided.

Getting your Mass Save rebate

In order to get the Mass Save rebate, you must first get a Masssave program reservation number. Get the Mass save reservation number at either or at the Mass Save mirror website. If you miss out on the first round of rebates, you can request a wait list position. Waitlisted Masssave applications will get their refund if a “reserved” refund is not used. Once you have your Mass save rebate number, go out and purchase your new appliance – no fax loans can be one funding option. Once your new appliance is delivered and your old appliance is recycled, you just have to send some paperwork into the Mass Save program, and your rebate should show up in a few weeks.

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