Border patrol authorities seize marijuana-flinging catapult


Border Patrol authorities have seized a marijuana catapult that was used by smugglers to fling drugs into the U.S. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Border patrol has discovered a marijuana flinging catapult near the American border. Smugglers used the catapult to fling marijuana into the United States, and it was filmed by the National Guard. Mexican law enforcement has since seized the catapult.

Marijuana catapult discovered near Mexican border

Apparently the war on drugs has gone medieval; border patrol found a marijuana-throwing catapult being used at the U.S. and Mexico border, according to ABC. Smugglers had used the catapult to throw drugs over the border, and it was captured on a night vision surveillance camera by the National Guard units that were patrolling the area. The National Guard has regular patrols near Naco, Arizona, which is situated near the Mexican border. During the patrol, film was taken of a group of smugglers, who would tow the catapult on a flatbed trailer behind an SUV. Once they set up the siege engine, they would hurl bags of marijuana that weighed more than four pounds into the desert on the American side.

Latest discovery in drug crusade

Once the National Guard had documented the discovery, the Guard contacted Mexican authorities. Mexican law enforcement officials showed up to apprehend the smugglers, who fled the scene and avoided being captured. The SUV, the catapult, the trailer and about 45 pounds of marijuana in four-and-a half-pound bags were seized. The catapult was constructed on a flatbed trailer about seven feet in length, which folded for transport. Once the throwing arm was put in place, it stood just more than 10 feet tall.

Another drug operation goes up in smoke

Though record drug busts — such as the 20-ton pot seizure several months ago — continue to happen, drug smugglers have shown repeatedly that they can be extremely creative in getting around the authorities. However, the diligence of the National Guard in patrolling the border ensured that this operation went to pot.

Video of the pot catapult



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