What Can a Low-Rate Personal Loan Do for You?

Low-Rate Personal loans can help

Woman with laptopI know several people who have gotten payday loans for all kinds of different reasons. I’ve had friends who used them to get their cars back from tow yards that charge hundreds of dollars a day if you leave them there. I’ve had relatives use payday loans to avoid overdrawing their bank accounts. You can even use personal loans to get bail bond financing if you ever ended up in the clink.

So what exactly is a payday loan? A payday loan is a low-rate personal loan that gets cash into your bank account immediately. You can find out quickly if you’re approved for a low-rate personal loan and have access to your cash in just a couple of hours.

How do payday loans work?

When you get a low-rate personal loan through Personal Money Store, you get your cash quickly with no charges up front and no collateral. You can choose to get a traditional payday loan, which you will pay back all at once when you get your next paycheck. At that time, you’ll pay back your lender’s fees as well. Did you know that the lender’s fees on small payday loans, say $100 to $200, are lower than typical bank overdraft charge fees? Furthermore, payday lenders only charge one-time fees, and banks usually charge $35 for every transaction made after the account is overdrawn.

You can also choose to get your low-rate personal loan in the form of an installment loan. If you need a larger amount of money, up to $1,500, you can pay back your loan with a few payments instead of all at once. Installment loans are great if an essential appliance breaks and other large financial emergencies.

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If you just need $100 to tide you over and help you avoid a $35 bank overdraft charge, you’ll save money with a low-rate personal loan. Or, if you need a larger amount of money, check into getting an installment loan. Either way, low-rate personal loans through Personal Money Store can help you save money, get things you need or maintain financial stability, so APPLY NOW!

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