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The housing bubble has burst, and things are difficult for scores of homeowners nationwide. According to MSNBC.com, a direct result of the real estate market crash is that up to 60 percent of America’s taxable property may be over-assessed. Owners of such over-valued properties are paying thousands of dollars more on their property taxes than they should, based on these inflated assessments. It is an outrage that many consumers begrudgingly accept – yet it doesn’t have to be that way. With the easy, inexpensive assistance of LowerMyAssessment.com, homeowners can prepare a professional-quality property tax assessment appeal that can save big money on property taxes.

If your property is over-assessed, go to LowerMyAssessment.com

The real estate crash and subsequent recession have made the need for accurate tax-assessed valuations more important than ever for financially conscious consumers, and LowerMyAssessment.com can help. Jacqueline Byers, director of research for the National Association of Counties in Washington, D.C., told the Wall Street Journal that “If you have a three-year period between assessments and the last one was in 2007, your assessment is still at the top of the market.” That may no longer be accurate and mistakes are often made, reports Bankrate.com. With LowerMyAssessment.com, homeowners can challenge their outdated or inaccurate assessment.

Why make it more difficult and more expensive than necessary?

A property tax assessment appeal involves a detailed filing process with very specific time windows (as small as two weeks in some areas). It can be a dauntingly complicated task to undertake alone. Hiring your own property tax attorney or real estate appraiser costs several hundred dollars, if not more. With LowerMyAssessment.com, the process is not only simpler, it is much less expensive. Start with the free online calculator and you’ll know immediately whether you qualify for an appeal. No personal information is needed until you agree to use the LowerMyAssessment.com program.

Three ways to lower your property taxes

Upon qualification, LowerMyAssessment.com offers you the following three levels of service:

  • Basic $39.95 – LMA provides the necessary valuation data in the form of a Fair Value Report. The included appraisal is adjusted to the correct “as of” date, depending upon codes for the county in which the property is located. All you have to do is complete the appeal form
  • Deluxe $79.95 – The appropriate official property tax assessment appeal forms for your county are completed by LMA and delivered to you with the above Fair Value Report. Envelope and label are ready; all you have to do is mail it to your local property tax authority
  • Premier $299.95 – If you own a higher-value residence or rental property, LMA makes arrangements for a local professional appraiser to prepare a custom report for your property. All reports and forms from the above plans are included

Buying your way into a property tax appeal win is unnecessary

Why spend thousands of dollars on a property tax attorney? LowerMyAssessment.com can do the job for as little as $39.95, saving you both time and money. With the Deluxe and Premier packages, all you have to do is sign, affix a stamp to the envelope and mail the appeal form. It’s that simple. If you have any additional questions, contact LowerMyAssessment.com via email or their contact form. Via phone, fax and postal mail, contact the company as follows:

Toll-free: 877-908-7191
Fax: 877-938-1942
Mail: P.O. Box 36567, Lynnwood, Wash. 98036


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