A Loan till Payday Can Help You Get Ahead

Getting a loan till payday is misunderstood in some circles

The economy is a wreck. The jobless rate is rising. Homes are still being lost to foreclosure. Gasoline prices are creeping back up. Groceries are more expensive every week. Despite it all, plenty of people still have secure jobs and healthy bank account balances. Many of those people don’t know what it means to really need an advance payday, a little extra cash today. If you asked them, they’d probably say you can’t come out ahead by getting a loan till payday. But in fact, you can.

A loan till payday can be more valuable than a paycheck

If you’ve ever been to that place where it feels like $50 would change your whole life, you know something other people don’t. You know that a little cash in your hand today, by finding cash advances near you, can be much more valuable than the same cash in your hand a week from today.

A loan till payday can help cut your losses

I learned the value of a loan till payday after being laid off from two jobs in two years. Both times, it took several months to find new work, and both times, I accepted jobs with lower pay. Luckily, my rent was fairly low, my car was paid off, and I hadn’t owned a credit card in years.

But by the time I started back to work the second time, it was the dead of winter and I was up against the wall on all my utility bills. I was employed, and had been for a few months, so the only concession I could get from my utility companies was a few additional days before being cut off. It was a bleak time, and payday was too far away to be of any help. What I really needed was to get part of my next paycheck in hand today.

A loan till payday can keep you afloat

I added it up. My total past-due utility bills (phone, gas, electric, and water) were about $380. If I didn’t get the past-due amounts paid right away, I was looking at over $600 in deposits and reconnection fees, not to mention the risk of frozen water pipes, spoiled food, and the shame of having a disconnected phone. I began to see that the only thing keeping me afloat was a tenuous tie to my next paycheck.  That next paycheck was all I had, and I decided to use what I had.

A loan till payday is fast and easy to get

I applied online for a $500 loan till payday and had cash in my bank account fast. I didn’t have to fax anything or drive anywhere. The whole transaction was hassle- and humiliation-free.

A loan till payday can be a bargain

A two-week loan till payday cost me almost $80, and I’m not going say it was inexpensive. But I will say without any qualification that getting it was an advantageous move. Looking back, I’ll even call it a bargain. My utilities were still on, there was food in the refrigerator, and I still had hot water — a miracle, when you start to think you may not have it tomorrow. I saved more than $600 in deposits and fees, and after paying the loan back on my next payday, I still had enough money to scrape by.

A loan till payday can be a good decision

After three or four more pay periods, I was making ends meet without hitting rock bottom every time. Without that $500 advance payday loan, I would have struggled for months to regain my financial footing. So if you need a loan till payday, and you know you can get by on your next paycheck after paying it back, then maybe you should get one, too. When you need money right away, a loan till payday can make good sense.

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