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“I think I need a loan until payday…”

I never thought I would need a loan until payday. I’ve never been great at budgeting or keeping careful track of my spending. My usual method of managing my finances is to check my bank account balance online every few days. Of course, this is not a great idea. It’s not even a good idea.

It would have been a good idea a few weeks ago to get a loan until payday when I noticed my balance was low. It would have been a good idea for me to double check when I had automatic payments scheduled. But I didn’t. My bank charged me for three different overdraft transactions. The damage was $105 in fees.

Payday loans can keep you afloat

I had a friend once get a payday loan for $150, and the fee was only $17 (fees vary from lender to lender). That would have easily covered the amount I overdrew my account by, and it would have cost me a lot less money. The sad thing is, I know all about how and where to get a loan until payday. I even knew the payday loan requirements. If I had realized sooner what was going to happen, I would have definitely taken the time to fill out a form at Personal Money Store. You can even use these installment loans to get short term financing if needed.

Personal Money Store gets in touch with several lenders when you request a payday loan. Personal Money Store does the work of shopping around for rates so you can get reasonable fees. The whole process is done online, it only takes a few minutes. Your lender will automatically deposit your cash into your bank account electronically.

A loan until payday is a loan until payday

I was in a situation where a loan until payday would have really helped out. The automatic payment that depleted and overdrew my account went through just two days before I got my paycheck. If I had gotten a loan until payday automatically deposited in my account before the payment went through, I could have saved a lot of money.

It would have been easier for me to pay back the loan until payday when I got my next paycheck, and it would have been a lot less expensive than having my $105 overdraft fees automatically deducted from my balance after I did get paid.

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