Lion meat tacos removed from Arizona restaurant after threats


A Tuscon restaurant has canceled a promotion of lion tacos after receiving death threats. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A restaurant in Tuscon, Ariz., announced recently that it would offer lion meat tacos for one day as a promotional event. The restaurant offers tacos made from various exotic game meats every Wednesday night and planned to offer lion. However, the restaurant canceled the lion tacos after receiving threats.

Death threats get lion meat tacos clawed off the menu

A restaurant in Tuscon, Ariz., Boca Tacos y Tequila, has canceled promotion of lion meat tacos after receiving death threats for planning to serve them, according to ABC. Restaurant owner Bryan Mazon has a weekly promotion called “Exotic Taco Wednesday,” where tacos made with exotic game meats are served. The restaurant has offered alligator, turtle and python in the past and planned on offering a limited number of lion tacos for Wednesday, Feb. 16. However, plans were scuttled after Mazon started receiving death threats at the restaurant and at his home. Mazon said he had more calls telling him “to go to hell” than pre-orders for lion tacos, so he canceled the promotion.

No cats in the kettle

Mazon was purchasing lion meat from an exotic meats company that raises its own lions. Exotic game meats can be quite healthy and  nutritionally superior to pork or beef, especially the beef mixture Taco Bell is being sued over. Venison such as elk or deer is higher in protein and leaner in fat than beef, as is bison and many other meats. Kangaroo meat is beginning to become popular worldwide for the same reason. Though kangaroos are portrayed as cute in the media, native Australians will insist that they are dangerous pests.

Meat and greet

Exotic meats are becoming a booming industry. There are numerous services that offer exotic meat, for instance Exotic Meats USA offers lion, alpaca, alligator, buffalo, kangaroo, rattlesnake and much more, as other companies do. However, exotic game meats often come at a premium price, so be prepared to shell out big bucks when placing an order.



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