Linda McMahon gets the nod for Connecticut Senate race

Linda McMahon for Senate

And that's the bottom line, because Linda McMahon for Senate says so. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Linda McMahon has just won the nomination from the Republican Party to run for the United States Senate. One of the two seats for Connecticut is being contested this fall. Linda McMahon is indeed the wife of Vince McMahon Jr., and she is the former CEO of WWE Entertainment. She stepped down from her position in the company to run for the Senate seat that will be vacant soon, as Senator Chris Dodd is retiring as soon as his term expires.

GOP can smell what McMahon is cooking

Linda McMahon’s campaign is getting attention because she is running without taking a dime from taxpayers, any Political Action Committees or from special interest groups or corporations. According to ABC, she’s spent $22 million of her own money on her campaign so far and doesn’t mind spending a lot more between now and November. Her opponent Dick Blumenthal, the Democrat candidate, has served as Attorney General of Connecticut since 1991, after serving terms in the Connecticut House of Representatives and Connecticut Senate.

Is her campaign platform a steel cage?

Linda McMahon is identified as a stringent neo-conservative. Fiscally conservative policies, with emphasis on deregulation and job creation, are big parts of her platform. She expressed agreement with Obama’s approach to the Afghan war, and she is somewhat hawkish on Iran. She’s already created controversy with mainline Republicans, having donated money to a Republican pro-choice PAC, though opposed to partial-birth abortions. She also is far more friendly to LGBT rights than the President is, as she has stated Don’t Ask Don’t Tell should go and the marriage issue should be left to the states, according to an interview with the Connecticut Mirror.

So what’s the bottom line?

Well, it’s another rich and famous person running for office. Not that we haven’t seen that before, but she was the CEO of a company that became the only professional wrestling organization to be publicly traded and almost as popular as NASCAR. (Granted, the McMahons own most of the shares.) She has some very popular platforms, and she may well prove to be exactly what voters are looking for. So what are you gonna do, brother, when Wrestlemania goes to Washington?

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