Kiteboarder killed by sharks off Stuart, Florida

Shark attack fatalities are an extremely rare occurrence

Pop culture gives us these nightmares, but a kiteboarder killed by sharks is exceedingly rare.

Shark attacks were immortalized in pop culture by the movie “Jaws,” but the reality is that they are exceedingly rare and no laughing matter when they occur. Such was the recent case of the kiteboarder killed by sharks off the coast of Stuart, Florida. A shark attack in Florida is no laughing matter, and yet your payday loans blogger cannot resist this chance to flash my teeth in goofy revelry

Terribly sorry

The New York Daily News says it was a “rare┬ámass attack,” which seems to conform to what shark experts commonly say about these incidents. A 38-year-old kite surfer faced a shark attack that may have amounted to him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Experts commenting on the story to the media say that nine out of 10 shark bites are “accidental.” Stephen Schafer became what Martin County officials claim is the first shark attack fatality since 1882. The sharks typically come to the area of Stuart Beach to feed on baitfish.

“He was pronounced dead at a local hospital,” says the Daily News

Stephen Schafer would probably give anything to be Roy Schieder and deliver the “Smile” line from “Jaws” right now. Sadly, neither is still with us. This payday loans blogger offers his condolences to Mr. Schafer’s family and loved ones. The next kiteboarder killed by sharks at Stuart Beach or any other beach in America by odds might not come around for at least another 100 years or more, which shows you what a rare occurrence this shark attack has been.

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