Kik messenger frees text messaging from networks


Kik messenger acts as a fully-featured text messaging service that doesn't require cell phone networks. Image: Flickr / debaird / CC-BY-SA

Kik messenger, first introduced in April of 2010, is a messenger program for all smartphones. Kik messenger separates text messaging from the cell phone provider. The service has over 1 million users, and the data-messaging service is planning on expansion.

How Kik messenger works

Kik messenger is a service created specifically for smartphones. Kik is downloaded onto a smartphone, and can then be used, essentially, for text messaging. The service also expands on traditional text messaging, by offering “personal assistant” auto-replies when you can’t immediately respond to messages. The information is sent over data networks, instead of over SMS networks. This means, in general, your cell phone network won’t be able to distinguish Kik messages from any other data that you send. Additionally, Kik works on iPhone, iPod, Android, and Blackberry.

The benefits of Kik messenger

Kik messenger has several benefits. First, it provides a way to text message without running up a huge cell-phone bill. Many cell phone providers separate data plans from text and call limits, meaning that you can buy a minimal phone plan with an additional data plan. With that minimal plan and data access, you can text message and chat to your heart’s content. Kik messenger also says that they plan on expanding into personal profiles and even music service.

Cutting the network cord with Kik

Now that Kik has proven itself as a data network text messaging service, there could be big changes coming to cell service. Combined with Google Voice, it is possible to have a fully functional cell phone without need for any kind of network — just a wifi connection. Cell phone networks are quickly being overloaded by the data traffic from smartphones. Public wifi and high-speed data connections are becoming a more popular public issue. So what do you think? Will you keep your smartphone, cut the network, and go wifi only?



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