Kelley Blue Book iPhone app shows used car trade-in value

A white Chevy Camaro IROC-Z28, probably 1985/86 model year

Kelley Blue Book has added a free iPhone app to its quiver as the universal source for pricing used cars and trade-in value for auto financing. Flickr photo.

Kelley Blue Book is the universal source to determine the market value of used cars for auto financing. But Kelley Blue Book has come a long way since Les Kelley published his first guide to used car values in 1926. Today Kelley Blue Book has evolved from a pocket-sized pamphlet into a powerful web-based resource library and automobile search engine with its very own free Kelley Blue Book iPhone app.

Kelley Blue Book, used cars and much more

Kelly Blue Book demonstrated its clout Monday with the release of its choices for the Top 10 Green Cars for 2010. The announcement that ranks the Toyota Prius at the top of the list, received major coverage from news outlets across the U.S. The Kelley Blue Book list of Top 10 Green Cars for 2010 includes a selection of vehicles for all purposes, from the Honda Insight Hybrid at number two to the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid at number 10. Should someone want an auto loan for any of these cars, they can simply go to Kelley Blue Book, enter a zip code, and find the location of the dealer offering the best price.

Kelley Blue Book free iPhone app

The Kelley Blue Book free iPhone app offers a Seller’s Toolkit that lets you access the book value of the car you’re looking at by plugging your iPhone directly into the Kelley Blue Book database. You can also find trade-in value, dealer locations, read reviews and look at 360 degree views of the car in question. If you’re selling a car, the Kelley Blue Book free iPhone app even has quicklinks to Kelley Blue Book’s website for buyers to find your car, and tools to create slick ads for craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or blog.

Kelley Blue Book used cars, trade in value

To determine the value of used cars and trade in value, Kelley Blue Book uses other factors besides make, model and miles. The condition of a used car is judged with tough criteria for car loans. Unless the used car is showroom immaculate, a well-kept vehicle will likely be judged as “good,” rather than “excellent.” Cars that need a little work are “fair” and smoking, sputtering heaps are “poor.” The most interesting factor in Kelley Blue Book used cars trade-in value is location, which is why you enter a zip code when you research used cars and trade-in value on the Kelley Blue Book site. For example, an SUV is worth more in Montana than Miami. A Corvette convertible is worth more in San Diego than North Dakota.

Kelley Blue Book, the used cars bible

Kelley Blue Book has been so successful in identifying its brand with its services the term “book” is universally understood as the benchmark price used cars and trade in value. Wheeling and dealing today includes standard terms like “what’s the book?” “over book” and “under book.” Kelley Blue Book has actually trademarked the terms blue book and blue book value.

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