Kelley Blue Book Launches Car-Buying Web Site

Trusted Marketplace pulls it all together

Find your ideal car. Image from

Find your ideal car. Image from

For as long as I can remember, Kelley Blue Book has been the leading — and as far as I know, the only — source for giving quotes on the value of a vehicle. So the regular car-purchasing scenario started something like this:

  1. Use preferred search method to find vehicle. This could be internet, newspaper, sign on the street, etc.
  2. Check out car to see the condition.
  3. Check Kelley Blue Book to see whether the price is right.

Prices, places and values

Now, Kelley Blue Book has launched Trusted Marketplace, a web site that combines the search and the price check in one place. Through Trusted Marketplace, you browse cars at dealerships near you as well as check out cars available in your area through private sellers.

So you can check out the asking price, in most cases a picture, then compare to the Kelley Blue Book value all on one site. If you could get quick personal loans through Trusted Marketplace, you’d barely have to leave your house to buy a car.

Easy to use

When you click “search” on Kelley Blue Book’s Trusted Marketplace web site, it asks for your zip code first to show cars that are for sale in your area. After that, you can refine your search to only include certain makes or models. Or you can view the search results for your area by body style, engine size, year, color … you name it.

You can request price quotes from dealers for specific cars, if the price isn’t already posted. This function works much like many other web sites out there that let you search a database of cars in your area, but the bonus is that you don’t to go to the Kelley Blue Book site separately anymore, everything is already there.

A word from the competition

Established sites such as Autotrader and have more listings right now than Kelley Blue Book’s Trusted Marketplace. However, while a lot of people have heard of those other online car searching sites, everyone has heard of Kelley Blue Book.

Kelley Blue Book is a trusted, established brand that people have depended on and trusted for a long time. I think simply existing under the Kelley Blue Book moniker will help Trusted Marketplace become a huge success.

Finance your car purchase

The Kelley Blue Book web site Trusted Marketplace has information about auto loans, but did you know you can get pre-approved for an online auto loan? That way when you go to the dealership you know exactly how much you can afford, and online lenders generally offer better rates than dealerships.

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