Keli McGregor found dead | Salt Lake City police say no foul play

The Colorado Rockies playing a game.

Keli McGregor, President of the Colorado Rockies, was found dead in a hotel room this morning. Image from Flickr.

Keli McGregor, team president of the Colorado Rockies, was discovered dead slightly before 9 a.m. in a Salt Lake City hotel. Cause of death has not yet been determined, but police spokesmen say that Keli McGregor’s death appears to be from natural causes. Keli McGregor’s death will be investigated only as an unattended death.

Keli McGregor dead

The Salt Lake City police received a call before 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning reporting Keli McGregor had been found unconscious. Fire crews and ambulance crews that responded to the 911 call were unable to revive him. When the Colorado Rockies president Keli McGregor was found dead in the Salt Lake City Grand American hotel. Keli McGregor was found dead, with no obvious signs of foul play and nobody else in the room.

Keli McGregor’s role as Rockies President

Keli McGregor has been president of the Colorado Rockies since October of 2001. Keli McGregor started with the Rockies in 1993 as the Senior Director of Operations and was promoted into the position of President. Before that, Keli McGregor worked at the University of Arkansas and University of Florida. Keli McGregor had also played in the National Football League as a tight end.

Colorado Rockies to make a statement

The Colorado Rockies are currently in Washington D.C. for a game against the Washington Nationals. The team will be preparing a statement about Keli McGregor’s death, but the game will continue as planned. The news that Keli McGregor is dead is reported to be hitting the team very hard. Keli McGregor was in Salt Lake City to meet with city officials about the fan base of Colorado Rockies in Salt Lake City.

Keli McGregor worked against Cystic Fibrosis

Beyond acting as president for the Colorado Rockies, Keli McGregor co-founded the Reaching Out To Youth Foundation, a foundation focused on events and work to cure cystic fibrosis. Keli McGregor also served as a board member or adviser for numerous projects, councils and commissions.


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