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Relive the cozy jammy days of youth with Jumpin Jammerz. (Photo Credit: CC BY/Michael Cote/Flickr)

You no doubt remember where you were when Kid ‘N Play exclaimed that it was time for a pajama jammie jam in the film “House Party.” Be still your beating hearts, consumers, because it’s time to take the floor in your footed pajamas again, thanks to Jumpin Jammerz. At, you can rediscover the miracle of warm polyester fleece pajamas with feet.

Jumpin Jammerz says you should feel good

Wearing footed pajamas may help you recapture your inner child, so Jumpin Jammerz recommends that you wear their products as liberally as decorum will allow. Jumpin Jammerz fleece pajamas are designed to provide years of comfort and, perhaps unintentionally, inform the world that you reject the stodgy world of “adulthood.”

So many Jumpin Jammerz fleecy choices

Peruse and you’ll quickly see you have a wealth of choices. There are licensed college footed pajamas, polar fleece, hooded footies, soft chenille for the ladies, various costumes (rock star, frog, mouse, monkey, giraffe and tiger), kids’ sizes and silly blankets (think Snuggie). Then there is what can be called the ultimate in Jumpin Jammerz adventure, an old-fashioned throwback: drop seat footed pajamas. All for about $49.95 each.

The tag line for the clearance section at reads: “We are blowing out hundreds of footed pajamas!”

Celebrities love Jumpin Jammerz

According to the “About Us” section at, Jumpin Jammerz has pushed product to numerous admiring celebrities. Ellen DeGeneres, Joan Cusack and Dakota Fanning are just a few of the names. Jumpin Jammerz were even included in the grab bags given to celebrities at the 2007 Oscars. Beat that, PajamaJeans and Forever Lazy!

If you aren’t a celebrity with big-time assets, consider joining the Jumpin Jammerz Discount Club. You’ll receive a 5 percent off coupon when you join – free of charge – at For more info, contact Jumpin Jammerz at 888-884-5526 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday.


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