Judge Jack Camp guilty of doing drugs with Sherry Ann Ramos


Judge Jack Camp Jr. and Sherry Ann Ramos did cocaine together on a regular basis. Image: Flickr / valeriebb / CC-BY

As a part of a plea deal negotiated with prosecutors, Senior U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp Jr. has pleaded guilty to drug charges. The judge has admitted to giving Sherry Ann Ramos money to buy drugs. The judge faces four years in federal prison for these charges.

Federal Judge Jack Camp Jr.

A former Federal District Court Judge, Jack Camp Jr. was charged with several counts of drug possession and firearm possession. Just before the former judge pleaded guilty to three charges, he retired from the judiciary. The 67-year-old judge pleaded guilty to possession of illegal drugs, aiding and abetting a felon’s possession of cocaine and giving Sherry Ann Ramos access to his government laptop. The judge was arrested on Oct. 1 and will be sentenced on March 4. The Judge, a Vietnam Veteran, was originally appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1987.

Sherry Ann Ramos and Judge Jack Camp Jr.

The exotic dancer and prostitute Sherry Ann Ramos is the center of many of the charges brought against Judge Jack Camp. Judge Camp received a lap dance and the phone number from Sherry Ann Ramos in an Atlanta strip club. Over the next few months, Judge Jack Camp paid Sherry Ann Ramos to have sex with him multiple times. The couple also used cocaine, marijuana and roxicodone together on a regular basis. The Judge had an associate run Sherry Ann Ramos’s criminal record, claiming he was renting an apartment to her.

Sherry Ann Ramos as an informant

Sometime during their relationship, Sherry Ann Ramos began working as a confidential informant to the FBI. In all court documents against Judge Jack Camp Jr., Sherry Ann Ramos is named only as “CI-1.” However, it was with her help that the Judge was caught. The arrest and prosecution of Judge Jack Camp, with Sherry Ann Ramos’ information, has become difficult. Many judges had to recuse themselves from the hearings because of personal relationships with Judge Jack Camp. In the end, the Judge released a statement through a friend saying he “holds himself accountable for his personal actions and will strive to better understand and overcome the causes of his poor judgment.”


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