A Journey in Victorian Décor

It’s what’s inside that counts

Image from VictorianConnection.com

Image from VictorianConnection.com

Victorian architecture is known for its multiple roof lines, dramatic towers, and stately entrances. Those who are lucky enough to own an authentic turn-of-the-century Victorian know their homes can have a lot of curb appeal. However, just as in the literary tradition of the great romance novels of the time, it is the subtle, romantic  nuances in the interior that truly matter.

Make a grand entrance

When standing at the entrance of a gilded Victorian home, you may be greeted by an exquisite door knocker, a hand-wrought device that makes the electric door bell seem tacky. You see, achieving authentic Victorian Décor is all about the accessories.

There is a wide range of eras and influences from which Victorian decorating comes from, including classical, gothic, oriental and Italian styles, yet it has a character all its own. Maroon, plum, green, brass and gold were all very popular and can be found in modern interpretations of Victorian accessories including wallpapers, furniture and more. Finer details include clever key holders, antique mail slots and leafy rosettes.

Get into it

The interior of a Victorian home is well composed, yet exuberant. From ornate crown moldings to stately grandfather clocks, everything is about elegance and order. The front room may feature a large oriental rug. There are a wide variety of different styles, but the most popular are those that feature floral designs.

Truly, floral patterns were a love affair for the designers of the day, because it is the most common element in Victorian décor. Warm lighting also creates the atmosphere with elegant sconces and stately chandeliers. It really is amazing how updating (or in this case backdating?) the lighting can change the whole character of a room.

Feast your eyes on this

In the dining room, Victorian décor is so delicious. You may find colorful wallpaper with an abstract or floral pattern and accented with cherub curtain rods. The table is set with fine silver. The linens are embroidered with tiny flowers.

The incredible Victorian napkin rings are complimented by distinctive knife rests — an accessory that always draws comments from guests. Atop the gilded platter is an herbed roast pheasant, piping hot. Perhaps families would eat together more often if they could do so in such elegance.

The great outdoors

In the back yard, you’ll find hand-wrought baskets brimming with fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden and lovely arbors overgrown with vines. Lawns were common, as was cast iron fencing for its ornamental nature.

A Victorian yard would be incomplete without a birdbath, but also common were ponds, grazing balls, sundials, and lots of large flower pots. Period sculpture was a sign of wealth. In the very least, a bench underneath the shade of a willow tree was a hallmark of the peaceful vibrancy found in Victorian yards.

Modern way to achieve classic style

Creating a modern home using Victorian décor is an exciting journey of anachronism. The irony of recreating a bygone era is that the 21st century tools available on the internet make it all possible. Shopping online for Victorian décor is easier than ever. Without remodeling your entire home, a few Victorian accessories can dramatically change the atmosphere of your living space. Thank you dear reader, I hope you enjoyed out brief journey and do call sometime soon.

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