John Paul Stevens retire | Yes, these rumors are true

John Paul Stevens

John Paul Stevens has served on the court for 34 years. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Unlike the rumors of John Robers retiring that were flying around earlier this year, it is confirmed that the John Paul Stevens retire is true. The longest-serving, 90-year-old Supreme Court justice announced that he will retire in a letter to the president this morning. The White House has been preparing for John Paul Stevens to retire and has nominations at the ready. Nominees for the Supreme Court position will face tough questions on everything from loan lenders to civil rights.

John Paul Stevens will retire in June

Justice John Paul Stevens will retire from the country’s highest court in June. John Paul Stevens was appointed to the high court by Gerald Ford and began serving in December of 1975. John Paul Stevens will turn 90 on April 20, and has made his plans to retire fairly clear.

Who will be nominated upon John Paul Stevens’ retirement?

When the John Paul Stevens retire takes effect, President Obama and his team will have a second chance to nominate a Supreme Court Justice. The three most likely nominees include Elena Kagan, Diane Wood and Merrick Garland. Both Elana Kagan, the Solicitor General, and Diane Wood, and Appellate court judge, were interviewed last spring when President Obama chose to nominate Sonya Sotomayor. The confirmation process for whomever is nominated will include hearings in front of a very adversarial Senate committe. Republicans have continued their policy of no-engagement since the passing of Health Care Reform on debt consolidation grounds.

John Paul Stevens retire leaves a liberal opening

John Paul Stevens was nominated by a Republican president. However, John Paul Stevens has become known as a very liberal voice on the Supreme Court. His votes have helped limit the use of the death penalty, uphold affirmative action, and vote for the strict separation of church and state. In the Bush v. Gore case, John Paul Stevens wrote a vehement dissenting opinion.

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