John McCain beats Tea Party candidate in primary

John McCain

John McCain heavily defeated J.D. Hayworth, the Tea Party favorite, in the Arizona primary. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Sometimes old dogs do learn new tricks. The trick for John McCain was how to make sure that he didn’t lose the Arizona Republican Primary to a Tea Party endorsed candidate, J.D. Hayworth. John McCain isn’t the only incumbent facing a similar candidate, but McCain still knows how to campaign. Hayworth was trounced in the primary, and will have to lick his wounds for another six years. The Florida Senate race and Alaska Senate race are also being closely watched, as many wonder just how effective the Tea Party rallies and activism will be in the end.

McCain serves crow to Tea Party

Senator John McCain, the defeated Republican candidate from the last presidential election, had a fight on his hands. Former congressman J.D. Hayworth, a Republican and Tea Party darling, was gunning for his Senate seat, along with many other anti-incumbent candidates. While the hostility toward the Washington establishment may help others, it did Hayworth no good. McCain received about 60 percent of the vote and Hayworth only 30 percent. Granted, John McCain did spend about $20 million on campaigning, and he changed his previous tune on immigration, according to CNN. He is expected to easily defeat the Democratic candidate.

Three choices for Sunshine State Senate

The Florida election results 2010 should prove interesting. Governor Charlie Crist is running as an independent. The Republican candidate, and also a Tea Party heavy, is Marco Rubio, a member of the Florida legislature. The Democratic primary just concluded, and Representative Kendrick Meek upset billionaire Jeff Greene. Greene self-financed his campaign but failed to capture the primary.

Alaska up for grabs

The home state of Sarah Palin also has a closely watched election for the U.S. Senate. Longtime incumbent Lisa Murkowski faces a challenge in the Republican primary from Jeff Miller, a Tea Party affiliated candidate who also has an endorsement from Sarah Palin. That race is virtually neck and neck, with Miller leading by a paper thin margin. Tea Party candidates are thus far somewhat successful in primaries, but the true success will be determined in November.

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