John Bolton says Israel has three days to bomb Bushehr

A map of the Middle East. Iran and Israel are depicted in green. Insets include John Bolton and a tall glass of lemonade.

John Bolton sees Obama making lemonade out of lemons, but he'd rather see Israel bomb the lemonade stand to the ground. (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Torsten/Wikipedia)

Controversial former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton claims that Israel has a three-day window in which to bomb Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant before it becomes fully functional, reports Agence France-Presse. Once nuclear fuel is loaded into the plant’s core, any attacks would spread radiation and harm Iranian civilians. Conventional wisdom suggests that Israel will not strike Bushehr, but Bolton and those of similar mindset appear to be goading Israel toward war. Despite sanctions by the United States and the European Union, Iran’s quest for nuclear power has continued.

John Bolton says Bushehr is a major step toward nuclear weapons

John Bolton, always known for his aggressive, irascible style, doesn’t mince words regarding Bushehr. He sees it as a potential weapons factory the likes of which men such as Saddam Hussein only dreamed of, according to AFP. Yet such has been the ongoing argument between Iran and the United Nations: Is the Middle Eastern nation prepping a nuclear weapons program, or is it simply attempting to upgrade its power grid through nuclear means? Bolton, now a senior fellow at the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute, has been fixated for years on potential nuclear weapons programs in nations like North Korea and Iran. Numerous media sources like CBS News have accused him of having a “one-track mind” on the matter, and Bolton has been accused in the past by the liberal media of spinning intelligence to confirm his pronouncements, even when sufficient evidence was not present.

Bolton would bomb the lemonade stand

A recent New York Times op-ed by Bolton spoke of his disenchantment with the Obama administration’s stance on Iran:

“There is no possibility the Obama administration will use force, despite its confused and ever-changing formulation about the military option always being ‘on the table.’… It is hard to conclude anything except that the Obama administration is resigned to Iran possessing nuclear weapons. While U.S. policymakers will not welcome that outcome, they certainly hope as a corollary that Iran can be contained and deterred. Since they have ruled out the only immediate alternative, military force, they are doubtless now busy preparing to make lemonade out of this pile of lemons.”

Bombing Bushehr would mean war, says Foreign Policy magazine

The United States has had a complex relationship with the Jewish state. World War II was a major turning point, and the U.S. warmed even more to the cause of Israel in the days following Israel’s victory in 1967’s Six Day War. Thus, it is reasonable to say that while the nations do not have specific treaties in place, the United States and Israel are de-facto allies. Thus, a war between Iran and Israel would conceivably involve the U.S., even though the U.S. itself would not have a “just or strategically sound cause for initiating war,” writes Foreign Policy magazine. This is perhaps why John Bolton would love to see Israel do the job on its own. Even a noted war hawk like Bolton knows when it’s time to hold ’em, as the United States’ military resources are already stretched too thin on multiple fronts. But if Israel bombs the lemonade stand, can the U.S. realistically hope to remain unstained by the citrus firestorm?


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