Jet Blue offers $10 flights to celebrate

Jet Blue

Jet Blue is filling its flights with $10 fares. Image from Flickr.

Airfares are not usually something one celebrates, but Jet Blue is offering some $10 fares to celebrate its 10th anniversary. These $10 Jetblue flights are only between a few cities, and are for a limited time, but can be a good deal if you’re lucky enough to need those flights. The same morning, Citigroup raised it’s Earnings Per Share estimate for Jetblue. Perhaps the best move is to get the $10 flight, then spend your fast cash loan on Jetblue stock.

$10 Jet Blue flights – really

First of all, you can, in fact, get a $10 Jet Blue flight ticket. Unfortunately, the $10 price tag only applies to a few flights into and out of a few cities. The fares are only good for May 11 and 12 and only available on the website. The $10 ticket price does not include the taxes and fees that must be paid on every airline ticket – so the final ticket price will end up closer to $30 each way.  That’s still a good deal for Jet Blue flights.

Jetblue celebrates 10 years

This is the second time this year that Jet Blue has offered the $10 flights, and the company will most likely continue to offer these firesales throughout the year. These $10 flight sales help Jet Blue fill the empty seats — and create plenty of customer buzz. Generally, Jet Blue is marketed as a low-cost carrier, and is one of the only two airlines that does not charge for checked baggage in the United States. Jet Blue also offers programs such as extended legroom and all-you-can-fly passes for customers.

Jetblue Earnings Per Share

Jet Blue stock has been an interesting study in contrasts this year. First and second quarter results did not meet expectations of many investors. At the same time, Citigroup revised its EPS (Earnings Per Share) estimate for Jet Blue up this morning. This revised stock estimate is based on two things: reduced prices for oil and improved outlook for jobs in the United States.

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