Jared Loughner YouTube channel gives insight into disturbed mind

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The Jared Loughner YouTube page shows some signs of mental imbalance. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Since the deadly Tuscon shooting incident, thousands have been viewing accused perpetrator Jared Loughner’s YouTube channel. The channel on YouTube, under Loughner’s username Classitup 10, has three videos, which feature sparing background music and text. The videos are being used as evidence of Loughner’s disturbed mental state.

Thousands view Jared Louhgner YouTube page after shootings

The Jared Loughner YouTube page, which can be found under his user name Classitup 10, has three videos. The three videos consist mostly of text with some sparse background music. Many have reposted the videos all over the internet.

In the text of this video, Loughner refers to “conscience dreaming,” by which he likely means “conscious dreaming.”  According to The Slate, a friend of Loughner’s said that he had become obsessed with “lucid dreaming.” Lucid dreaming is a state of dreaming in which a person is aware they are dreaming and can manipulate the dream somewhat, similar to the plot of the film “Inception.” Loughner also asks whether the listener is literate and in the next statement says that “If I have my civil rights, this message wouldn’t have happen.” Loughner’s philosophy professor at Pima Community College recalls that he appeared to live mostly in his own reality, divorced from seemingly all else.

If, then

Loughner’s second video uses many “If, then” logic statements to justify his philosophical positions. He mentions creating “new currency,” and “new language.” He says most Americans have never read the Constitution but should do so to “apprehend…the current treasonous laws.” (He may have meant “comprehend.”) He also says the government is “implying mind control and brainwash” on the populace by “controlling grammar” in the “second Constitution.” His writings concern meanings, not structures, so he likely means “syntax,” which is the meaning of words whereas grammar is sentence structure.

Mind controller

The last video is about the role of a “mind controller.” What he seems to mean by “mind controller” is that each person interprets and defines information subjectively. Thus, according to Loughner, people can make up whatever meaning they wish for anything.



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