Original James Bond Aston Martin sells at auction

Aston Martin DB5

The last remaining Aston Martin DB5 from the James Bond film "Goldfinger" was sold recently at auction. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A vintage Aston Martin DB5 recently sold at auction in London that was originally driven by Bond. James Bond. The car is no replica or tribute model. It is arguably the most famous car in the world. It was one of two Aston Martins driven in the film “Goldfinger” by Sean Connery. More than one bond film has featured an Aston Martin DB5. The car sold for just more than $4 million.

Aston Martin from the film sold

In the film “Goldfinger,” Sean Connery as James Bond drives around in a heavily modified Aston Martin DB5. There were two that survived filming. One was simply for driving, dubbed the “Road Car” by the crew, according to RM Auctions. The car that was auctioned was the “Road Car.” This car was fitted with the prop gadgets later, for promotional use. It was purchased in 1969 by Jerry Lee of Philadelphia, for $12,000 straight from the factory. It was sold to benefit Lee’s charity, the Jerry Lee Foundation, which benefits research in decreasing poverty and crime. The car, according to The Telegraph, sold for just more than $4 million; it has barely been driven since Lee acquired it.

The last to survive

Aston Martin donated two new DB5 cars for use in “Goldfinger” and has enjoyed a long association with the James Bond franchise since. The “Effects Car” was outfitted with the props, and the other, the “Road Car” was used to drive. Aston Martin later built two more for promotional tours, both now in museums. The “Effects Car” was initially stripped of props and bought by a collector but was stolen in 1997. The customizations for the film were done by Oscar winning effects guru John Stears, who also created the light sabers in “Star Wars.”

Jerry Lee Foundation never jokes about its work

The Jerry Lee Foundation is definitely a worthy beneficiary for the funds. The organization contributes to legitimate research concerning crime reduction and sociology. Jerry Lee was actually knighted in Sweden for his work. The buyer of the Aston Martin wasn’t disclosed, but for just more than $4 million, someone bought the most famous car in the world.


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