Apple announcement: There is a new iPod Touch 4G

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The Apple Announcement showcased a flurry of huge improvements for fall. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Every time news of an upcoming Apple announcement hits the wires, the internet gets all abuzz. Is there already a new iPhone? Or is Apple merging with Google and changing the name of the new company to Skynet? An announcement from Apple was scheduled for today, and Apple aficionados began to speculate. Apple has unveiled the new iPod Touch 4G, the next step forward in the wildly popular iPod line. Apple is also challenging Facebook and Myspace. Part of the announcement that a social network will be added to iTunes.

Apple unveils new iPod touch 2010

Instead of addressing a minor flaw in the iPhone 4.0, this Apple announcement had a host of news of upcoming improvements. The big news, of course, is about the iPod Touch 4G. The new iPod Touch 2010 edition is basically an iPhone, except you can’t make calls with it. The smallest available has 8GB of memory, and lists for $229, according to the New York Times. The new iPod Nano has a touchscreen instead of the familiar wheel, and the iPod shuffle has gone down to an affordable $49.

There is, of course, more

Steve Jobs had more news. Apple has also unveiled a new feature for iTunes, called Ping. Ping, according to The Telegraph, will be a music-centric social networking site. Users can follow bands, follow others, get updates and converse. There is also a new version of iOS, the operating system that iPods and iPhones use. Apple TV, which downloads movies and television episodes straight to a TV for a small fee, has also been updated. Apple TV is now only $99 per unit and can sync with any Apple device, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The Apple of the eye of many

The recent Apple announcement shows that Apple does not rest on its laurels. Jobs also announced iTunes 10, the newest version of the software program. Apple can likely expect to sell a lot of these, as many purchase Apple products as back to school items and Christmas gifts.

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