Analysts doubt iPhone recall at upcoming Apple press conference

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An iPhone recall probably won't be the subject of an Apple press conference scheduled Friday, but people are demanding answers for the infamous iPhone 4 reception problem. Sarah Baker/Flickr photo.

An iPhone recall is the latest phrase to emerge as the world obsesses over the ultimate consumer gadget. An iPhone 4 recall is the anticipated subject of an Apple press conference scheduled for Friday. It is presumed that Apple will provide answers about the iPhone 4 antenna glitch breathless media pundits have been clamoring for. The announcement of an iPhone software update is more likely. The world is so caught up that rumors of an iPhone recall triggered a drop in Apple’s stock price when trading opened Thursday.

Will Apple press conference announce iPhone recall?

The iPhone recall for wireless reception issues was just a rumor Thursday, and most analysts think such an announcement at the Apple press conference is unlikely. Computerworld reports that some say Apple could announce a giveaway of a $29 Apple iPhone 4 Bumper case that has been proven to fix the iPhone reception problem. Some say the Apple press conference on Friday could be a nothing but a smokescreen to cover the iPhone reception problem, with no answers and no giveaways. Others suggest Apple might use the media event to announce the release of an iPhone software update. Macrumors said iOS 4.0.1 ships Thursday with a new signal strength indicator for the iPhone 4 that Apple first proposed as a solution to the iPhone antenna issue in a July 2 letter on its Web site.

Other phones benefit from iPhone antenna issue

The iPhone recall is a hot Internet search term on the same day Verizon Wireless is launching the Motorola Droid X. As reported on eWeek, Ken Hyers, an analyst with Technology Business Research, said the timing of the iPhone 4 antenna issue couldn’t come at a worse time for Apple. Hyers said other smartphones running the Android OS have been getting great reviews. He thinks consumers not yet indoctrinated by the Apple experience are buying them in increasing numbers. But he went on to say that the iPhone 4 antenna issue isn’t severe enough to warrant a recall.

iPhone 4 still flying off the shelves

The iPhone 4 has been selling like hotcakes since its June 24 debut on June 24 debut. Apple sold 1.7 million in the first three days. But Wired reports that because of the iPhone antenna issue, Apple stock had dropped nearly 8 percent as of July 14. But demand for the iPhone 4 remains brisk. Analysts polled by The Wall Street Journal said iPhone 4 buyers were keeping their devices without returning them at the same rate they normally do. Supplies also remain limited on retail shelves. In the second quarter, Apple reported revenue of $13.5 billion and a net quarterly profit of $3.07 billion.

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