iPad update | Countdown to new features and functionality

iPad update

The newest iPad update will add hundreds of new features. Image: Flickr / Ethan Hein / CC-BY

Sometime in the next few weeks, an iPad update will be made available. This iOS 4.2 update will change minor things on iPod and iPhone. iOS 4 will bring big changes to the iPad slate computer, however.

iPad update will include new features

When the iPad was released, it shipped with iOS 4.1. While iOS 4.1 included many new updates for the iPod and iPhone, the iPad operating system looked mostly like the “old” iPhone. The iPad update will add many features already on the iPhone on the iPad. Some of the most popular features include multi-tasking and the ability to organize apps into folders. iOS 4.2 will also fix several glitches in the iPhone 3GS, such as the Daylight Saving Time alarm problem.

iPad update to add gaming

The iPad update to iOS 4.2 will bring several new features exclusively to the iPad. This includes the “Game Center,” which networks opponents and partners for cooperative games. The Airplay app will also be added to the iPad, which allows for wireless streaming of media to the Apple TV. These features will not necessarily be included on the other Apple products, effectively creating a tiered system of iOS for each separate product. This continues the trend of Mac products specializing to their purpose, though basic user interface remains the same.

Developer access to iOS

iOS 4.2 for the iPad, iPod and iPhone has already been released to developers. The iPad update should be available to users of Apple products sometime in November, though the company has not announced a definitive release date. When the iPad update is released, it should be automatically pushed to all Apple devices. If you have a cracked or jailbroken device, you will have to go through a more extensive update process. Either way, the iPad update is sure to reveal some much-desired updates — and perhaps a few new glitches.

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