iPad sale and other Apple Black Friday deals


The Apple iPad is on sale for great deals- but only for a day. Image: Flickr / smaedli / CC-BY

In a move that was not unexpected, but highly anticipated, Apple has announced Black Friday deals. The iPad sale cuts $41 off the price of all iPad devices. MacBooks, iMac, and even iPods are also on sale.

iPad sale officially on

For Black Friday only, Apple has announced an iPad sale. A full $41 has been cut off the sales price of all versions of the iPad. This is between an 8 and 5 percent discount on the price of the iPad, which is one of the most wanted gifts this year. At all authorized Apple resellers and on Apple.com, the WiFi model will be selling for $458. This isn’t the best price you can get on Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the iPad, though. Discount house T.J. Maxx is selling the basic iPad for $400 in-store only. The $400 iPad sale has already led to sold-out devices at many T.J. Maxx stores, however.

Apple Black Friday deals

The deals available on Apple.com and at Apple stores for Black Friday go beyond the iPad. The 13-inch MacBook Air is available for $101 off the regular price, at the same price as the 11-inch. The MacBook Pro and iMac are also available with $101 off the sales price. The iPod Touch is $41 off the main price, and $21 off the iPod Nano. With free shipping on any purchase more than $50, the Apple store is discouting items more than is standard for the high-priced retailer of consumer goods.

Apple Black Friday still means profit

Though Black Friday is usually a sales day only in the United States and Canada, Apple is offering some deals internationally as well. The cost of an iPad, to Apple is estimated to be around $260 for the low-end model. This means that, even with the highly discounted prices, Apple is still making a hefty profit from their iPad sale. Do you plan on buying one of the devices, or are you planning on the HP Slate or a differet slate-style computer for this Black Friday shopping season?


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