3 Steps to a Great Job Interview

The Interview—At Last!

Visualize success with your next job interview. Here are some tips for sealing the deal.

Visualize success with your next job interview. Here are some tips for sealing the deal.

After living on payday loans for the past few months while sending out resume after resume, you finally get a call from your dream company for your dream position for an interview. And it just happens to be the company you have had your eye on for several weeks now. You get excited and giddy—just thinking about having a new job makes everything seem right. You relax and sleep the best sleep you’ve had in days!

Then, reality sets in as you realize that the job interview is the most important part of getting the job. If you blow this, you could be stuck in the same old situation for another six months. Some of the excitement then wears off, and you get nervous as thoughts go through your head: “What if I don’t answer the questions satisfactorily? What if I go into this interview and I mess up everything?” And the list of “what ifs” continues to plague your thoughts. Everything is riding on this one interview, and you want to complete a good interview so that you can get the job. Here’s what you must do.

First Step—Don’t Panic!

Before you can even begin to complete a successful interview, you must first calm down and stop playing the “what if” game. Meaning: If you continue to imagine things that may possibly happen, yet it may not, then you will inadvertently cause the same thing you are afraid of happening and not get the job. Here’s what you do instead: imagine that you are a huge success in the interview, and then imagine you accepting the offer for the job at the company you love. Visualize success.

Second Step—Prepare

Now that you have calmed down, it is time to get serious and do your homework. Imagine every single question that may come up in an interview, such as “What would you say are your weaknesses?” or “How would you deal with ______ situation if it came up?” Write them down, and then create possible answers. These questions are generic, and are possibilities of what questions can come up in a job interview. You know your career better than me, so tailor this to work for you and write down specific questions that usually come up in your industry.

Next, go back to the ad that you originally responded to and write down some of the qualities that the company is looking for. Create possible answers from the ad that show your qualities and skills in a natural way. When you write out possible answers, you become better prepared to handle any questions that come your way, and you can answer confidently and authoritatively. Employers look for confident workers, so show that you are confident, or you may have to continue using payday loans to close the gap.

Last Step—Rest

On the night before you go to your interview, try to get to bed earlier, and do some deep breathing/meditation techniques to assist you in getting to sleep. The deeper and more restful sleep you get, the more alert you will be at your interview. It wouldn’t do for you to be sleepy at the interview after all this preparation, would it?

Another thing—be sure that you have proper clothing for the interview. This means that you must wear at least “business casual” clothing. Also, be sure you have showered, and present yourself in a neat manner. If you need new clothes, request a payday loan and go buy a new outfit to help you get that job so you can pay back all of your pay advance loans you took out to survive on.

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