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Man's faceI was chatting online with my friend one day, and he wrote, “OMG, I almost overdrew my bank account!” So I asked him what he did to avoid it, and he wrote “Yay for short term loanz!” (That’s how he spells it; he considers himself quite the comedian.) I asked him how he got his short term loan, and he told me he had gone to a local payday loan store looking for fast loans with bad credit.

“Didn’t you know you can get loans online ?’ I wrote. He replied that he knew he could get same day payday loans online, but he thought he’d have to wait to get his money, and he needed cash right then.

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I told him that if he had applied for a payday loan at Personal Money Store, he would have had money deposited directly into his bank account fast, he was surprised. When he thought about the time he’d spent going to the payday loan store and then going to his bank to deposit it, only to go home and pay bills online, he agreed that he’d have saved himself a lot of time and effort by getting a payday loan online.

Furthermore, he told me how much the lender’s fees were at the payday loan store, and they’re the same or even more than lender’s fees available online! I was glad we had that talk, and so was he. Next time he can save himself some hassle, some time and maybe even more money than he saved in the first place. He’d gotten a payday loan so he wouldn’t overdraw his bank account, so he ended up paying $17 rather than the $35-per-transaction bank overdraft fee.

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