Be Happy with Installment Loans and Eating Out

A Little Goes a Long Way

Sometimes, ordering out is a must, even if installment loans are in the cards for you. (Photo:

Sometimes, ordering out is a must, even if installment loans are in the cards for you. (Photo:

This past week has presented me a series of minute irritants, including but not limited to an almost constantly empty gas tank, constant rain, a 30-article deadline and making a 30-minute trip to interview someone for an article only to find out that my contact cancelled and informed nobody. My car was of course running on fumes that day, too. Just like me, needing installment loans. A mixture of thoughts involving current due bills and the hot deadline haunted my every waking minute.

An After-Work Treat

Once I got home and peeled my drenched jacket off of my shivering body, I was prepared to lock my doors, turn out the lights and sob quietly in the dark. Instead, I ordered some takeout.

Though it seemed unusual to make such an action during frugal times, it was well worth it. As I type these words, my belly is full of Bambino’s Pizza and Subs. I bought a chicken sub that made me want to coo like an infant and dance in place with delight. Not even the $15 with tax stopped me from tipping the delivery guy $5, more than a 25 percent tip to say, “Thank you for bringing me din-din in the pouring rain.”

Being the only true frugal way to dine, the other half of the sub—enough for lunch the next day—went into the fridge. I couldn’t lose my grip on frugality completely, could I?

Dear Frugal Readers, Be Not Ashamed

Some of my more frugal readers may be “tsk-tsk”-ing at my behavior, asking, “Why didn’t he pull out those trusty leftovers from the freezer and pantry to save money?”

Well, I’m human, dammit. Every six months or so, a person gets tired of 50 cent cans of soup and oven/microwave meals. That rainy day, I simply wanted someone else to cook dinner for me. The thought of installment loans didn’t cross my mind, because I had a little wiggle room in my pocket, so I knew my budget wouldn’t implode like the house in “Poltergeist.” The extra space in my budget was also due to me beginning to give up my car, vehicle insurance, oil changes and gasoline.

A Trick to Stick to your Budget

Once in a while, a great way to stick to the budget you’ve created is to search around in it for occasional treats. These personal gifts don’t have to be expensive at all. A cup of coffee a ways from home, new scented candles, some bath salts or a few rented movies (you can also rent movies for free from your local library) all feel dangerously luxurious.

It’s been so long since I last ordered takeout, let alone had it delivered, and that’s a large part of why it seemed like such a great treat.

Don’t Worry, Be Full

Having a spastic splurge every so often is actually a great way to take interleaves from all the frugal talk. In some cases it even sharpens our frugal focal points. Once we learn to combine daily money saving tactics with an occasional vacation from frugality and thoughts of installment loans, we’re that much healthier. Just make sure to come back after that pizza, coffee or matinee – the daily grind couldn’t go on without you!

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