An Installment Loan Scooper-Upper

Precious Little Could Be Done

My husband is an executive at a securities corporation, but I’m not going to name it here, in case he’s reading this. We’re doing alright for ourselves, no kids, a big house, a boat, a few cars and a huge yard that must be a pain for the help to take care of. That’s why we pay them a good wage, and they don’t generally need installment loans. We don’t want them going down the hill to work for our “neighbors.” Those people make too much noise and that basketball hoop they put up last summer is a huge eye sore.

Anyway, my darling Airedale Terrier, Precious, who is our little child, had been having a little problem. She was bathroom trained from a young age and, in all things, behaved in a way befitting a proud pooch of her pedigree. However, for several mornings in a row, she was soiling the linens. The help was able to replace the linens and clean up the mess without any trouble. Luckily, hubby goes to work very early, before Precious finds her way to our bed, so he had no idea. If he did, he’d freak out!

I Needed Fast, Discreet Cash

But after a while, something terrible happened. It was the maid’s day off, and Precious made an adorable little mess as had been her habit of late. Not only was there no maid, but the previously soiled linens, which had been sent out for deodorizing, fluffing and folding had not returned. I had to have something comfy on the bed before my husband got home, or there would be questions I didn’t want to answer.

Could I use a credit card? No, he checks statements. I heard from a maid once about a Web site where someone could get something called an installment loan, so I gave it a try. Since I was technically employed by the same company as my husband (I’m an analyst; I telecommute), I could get started. It took no time at all before I’d finished the online application, and I had money to buy new sheets that same day. The best thing about it is that the installment loan didn’t show up on my credit, and hubby didn’t have to find out. I was just happy to help protect Precious. I’ll guess I’ll just have to take care of that special laundry when Marisol has the day off.

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