Industry-First Social Gift Card Exchange from Card Hub

Card Hub offers a great social gift card exchange program.ARLINGTON, Virginia, April 21, 2010 – TowerGroup estimates that in 2009 alone, almost $5 billion went to waste due to unused gift cards. To help consumers make use of otherwise lost money, has launched a-first-of-its-kind Social Gift Card Exchange.

How it’s Different

The Social Gift Card Exchange separates itself from the pack by being the only gift card service to provide a platform for buyers and sellers to trade their gift cards directly with friends, colleagues, neighbors and trusted companies. There is no middleman, so all discounts and profits go directly to the user. While this community of buyers and sellers is the defining feature of the Social Gift Card Exchange, Card Hub also gives its customers the option to sell popular gift cards directly to Card Hub.

How It Works

During the gift card listing process, some customers will be prompted with an offer to sell their card to Card Hub. If they’re not satisfied with the offer, they can choose to list it in the community in order to sell it directly to another member for a better deal. This way, Card Hub users have the best of both worlds and can decide for themselves which method they prefer.

Make Money Selling Your Gift Cards

Most gift card services will give customers cash in exchange for a gift card. The Social Gift Card Exchange takes this idea one step further and enables consumers to turn a profit while trading gift cards. For example, if a user has a $50 gift card to a very popular store like Amazon, they will likely get about $45 for their card. If their favorite store is slightly less popular, like Gap, they can then use that $45 to buy a $60 Gap gift card. Now they have a gift card to a store they actually like, and they’re $15 richer!

Other Features from the Gift Card Center

The Social Gift Card Exchange is the latest addition to’s Gift Card Center. Other features include a Gift Card Wish List that takes less than 60 seconds to create and doesn’t require any maintenance, a Birthday Calendar for e-mail birthday reminders, and a robust Gift Card Shopping Mall of over 300 hundred stores and restaurants.

Where to find the Social Gift Card Exchange

The Social Gift Card Exchange is offered through Card Hub’s Gift Card application for Facebook and through itself. To take advantage of all the new features offered through Card Hub’s Gift Card Center, please visit

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