Hurricane Paula | Category 1 storm pounds Mexico and Honduras

The ninth full-blown hurricane of the 2010 hurricane season, Hurricane Paula, has officially formed. A Category 1 storm, Hurricane Paula is already cutting a swath through Mexico. The storm is not expected to strengthen, but it is predicted to continue to do serious damage for a few days.

The path of Hurricane Paula


Hurricane Paula is causing significant damage with high winds and heavy rainfall. Image: NASA Goddard Center / Flickr / CC-BY

Hurricane Paula first made landfall in Honduras. Forecasters predict that the storm will be making its way through Mexico. On Tuesday morning, Cozumel was being pounded. Hurricane Paula is then expected to move slightly offshore of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. A hurricane warning has been issued for the Caribbean Coast. Paula is expected to blow itself out by Wednesday or Thursday night. Tropical storm warnings have been issued for the areas outlying the direct path of the storm.

The damage caused by Hurricane Paula

With sustained winds of 75 miles per hour and dropping 3-6 inches of rain, Hurricane Paula is doing noticeable damage. Nineteen homes in Northeastern Honduras have been destroyed, and several schools have been closed. Some citizens are using a no fax payday loan to travel out of the danger zone. The heavy winds and rain are likely to cause flooding and landslides. Since Hurricane Paula is a relatively weak Category 1 storm, it is not likely to cause extreme damage.

Hurricane Paula may close the season

Officially, hurricane season ends in November of this year. It is possible that Hurricane Paula may prove to be the last hurricane of the year. However, hurricane season has been extending itself in recent years, with some storms developing before the season officially begins on June 1st. Hurricanes have also been known to form after Nov. 30. About 97 percent of tropical storm and hurricane activity in the Atlantic usually occurs within these dates, however. There are typically 10 to 15 hurricanes per season. Hurricane Paula marks the 16th tropical storm in the 2010 hurricane season.


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