A hundred-mile help with payday loans

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"Thanks to personalmoneystore.com, we made it home safe and sound." (Photo: Thinkstock)

You could say that I wasn’t in need of life-saving, but payday loans really bailed me out of a bad situation.

First, I’d like to say I am probably one of the unluckiest guys you will ever meet. My friend Mark and I took a couple of days off from work to go on a little “guys only” expedition. It started on Friday morning when Mark showed up at my place at 7 a.m. in his 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser — really old but reliable. We packed the Land Cruiser with everything from Cheetos and hot dogs to water and El Pacifico.

My camping trip to payday loans

I had never used payday loans before that camping expedition, nor had I ever imagined being in need of one. However, my fate was soon to change.

After completely packing the car, we started off on our voyage. Not knowing where to go, we went south into the desert toward the edge of our town. We knew we wanted to camp but still be close enough to civilization to possibly sit in a little bar, play some pool and hopefully converse with women. So we got about 50 miles from home when Mark realized he left his wallet.

Now what…

“Dude, my wallet has my cash in it!”

“We should be OK, I have about 15 bucks,” I said.

We set up camp off of a little dirt road five miles from the closest tavern, which had a pool table. We had complete privacy otherwise, with the next form of civilization other than the tavern being 100 miles away.

That night we went to the little tavern and met a couple of ladies who said they wanted to roast marshmallows back at our camp. Who were we to say no? They drank beers with us and appeared to be having a great time. It was starting to get late and we did not want to drive, so we offered them a place to sleep in our camp. They slept in the car.

Bad luck or really bad luck?

Unfortunately, Mark and I woke up Saturday morning to find the Land Cruiser gone, as well as the girls. The only things we had were the tent, gear, $15 and a debit card in my wallet.

We had to get home, so we walked with all of our gear to the tavern. Hopefully we’d think of something by the time we got there. Neither of us had come up with anything too promising, other than calling a cab that would pick us up and be charitable enough to give us a 100-mile taxi ride for $15.

After reporting the car missing, I called another friend who said he could not get us, but he also mentioned that personalmoneystore.com is a great place to get quick help through payday loans.

When the going gets tough, get a cash advance!

We gave them a call and I was approved for the amount of money I needed to call a cab to come all the way out there and give us a ride home. Without payday loans, we would have maybe ended up hitchhiking with someone who resembled Kiefer Sutherland’s character from the movie “Freeway.” Thanks for that, personalmoneystore.com!

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