Money-saving ideas: How to plan a wedding on a budget

Smiling bride and bridemaids

Learn how to plan a wedding on a budget the easy way. (Photo: SimonShaw/Flickr/CC-BY)

Preparing for the “Big Day” doesn’t have to be a painful, expensive ordeal. If you are open to creative ideas and concerned about saving money rather than spending it, you can easily plan a wedding on a small budget and have fun doing it. The following ideas will show you how to plan a wedding on a budget and still have a beautiful wedding and lifelong memories.

Plan a wedding on a budget and choose the right dress

If you need to plan a wedding on a small budget, consider one of the main highlights of a wedding: the wedding dress. You can save big money by shopping around and comparing prices. If you can’t find anything in your local walk-in stores, try looking online. There are many online stores that offer great deals on wedding gowns. There are even auction sites backed by former brides looking to make some extra cash or vendors looking to sell unused items that have been damaged or discontinued. So before you settle on a wedding dress, consider your options.

Cutting the guest list helps you plan a wedding on a budget

Do you really want people you don’t know showing up on your wedding day? If your answer is no, here’s an idea on what to do. First, put a list together of people you want to invite to your wedding, and don’t be afraid of skipping those you haven’t seen in years or ones you can’t stand to be with. If you plan on inviting 50 people, plan for 100 and let each person know they are allowed only one guest. Each time a name is added onto the list, you are adding more tension to your budget. So don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feeling — it’s your wedding, after all.

Off-season months are great for a small budget

Another great way to plan a wedding on a small budget is to plan a wedding during an off-season month, which will vary depending on your regional climate. For warm-weather states, off-season savings starts during summer and vice-versa for places with colder climates. Many wedding vendors are out hunting for business around this time of the year, and they will do almost anything to get it.

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