Rules on how to avoid holiday weight gain

Couple eating healthy.

Be discriminative with your food choices. (Thinkstock)

It’s that time of the year again when our bellies get filled with endless holiday meals. Food is everywhere — Christmas cookies at the office, creamy eggnog at the neighbor’s, delicious pies and other foods filled with nothing but calories. With all the food temptations, gaining a few extra pounds during the holidays is common. However, you don’t have to fall into this category. Learn how to avoid holiday weight gain with these simple, easy-to-follow tips.

How to avoid holiday weight gain: Rule No. 1

One way to avoid holiday weight gain is to work out before a big holiday party. It does two very good things to the body, physically and psychologically. Physically, you feel and look great. Mentally, you consciously and subconsciously avoid certain foods that you know will work against your hard efforts to stay in shape.

How to avoid holiday weight gain: Rule No. 2

Never, ever arrive at a party hungry. Many people make the mistake of saving their appetites for the “big feast.” This, however, only makes a person hungrier and more likely to overeat. If you do arrive hungry at a party, drink a full glass of water or snack on a couple health bars to help control your food urges.

How to avoid holiday weight gain: Rule No. 3

Did you know that eating slowly can help you shed a few pounds? According to MSNBC, there is some evidence showing that eating more slowly actually affects how much you weigh. So take your time eating. You don’t have to eat at a ridiculously slow pace, but you can eat slowly enough to savor each delicious bite of your holiday meal.

How to avoid holiday weight gain: Rule No. 4

Some people tend to forget that holiday parties are more than just food and colorful decor. There are other pleasurable things to dive into, instead of just calorie-filled food and drinks. You can focus on other fun, socializing activities, like dancing, singing and joining in in uplifting conversations. View the party as an opportunity to catch up with good friends and loving family members — that’s what the holidays are truly about.

A holiday bullet-proof mindset

If you really want to avoid holiday weight gain this season, stay consistent, focused and true to your goals. Build a bullet-proof mindset and do everything you can to stay on track.

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